Who will you be in a years time?

Who will you be in a years time?

I talk a lot about mindset being the key to unlocking change. Altering your thought processes around food and fitness, and making productive steps towards your health goals is about changing the way that you think. Altering the way your mind works, and rewriting the preconceived ideas about what you’re capable of. The ‘Take Control’ programme I run lasts 3 months. Even after you’ve completed the programme, you still receive the help and support from myself and the community. I’m confident that after 12 months you won’t need another programme again. Your initial learning will be done. New habits will have been formed. Your outlook will be different.

But you can get started on changing your mindset right now – before you begin with any exercise and before you take your next bite of food. Setting a goal and achieving it is often propelled forward by visualisation. When you’re ruminating on a decision, how often do you find you picture the outcome first? When you decide to take a trip to the salon and get a completely different haircut, what are you thinking about? Are you imagining the comments you’ll get at your friends wedding in a few weeks time? How much more confident will that make you feel when you walk in the room?

There is no quick fix to changing your health routine. I’m often writing about the various ways in which the media and product pushers are trying to persuade you that there is. A perfect product, a fast diet, a one-plan-suits-all fitness hack. Really, it’s hard work, dedication and control that makes for sustainable change – and that all comes from you. But because it’s not a quick fix, it can often be so hard to remain motivated. When there’s no specific end in sight, you can lose momentum. And the reasons you started in the first place can become a little hazy and lost.

So instead of trying to remind yourself why you made the decision in the past, or lingering on how hard the next few months might be – I want you to stop for a minute and think about your future.

Picture a normal day in one years time

You wake up in the morning refreshed and vibrant. You’ve slept like a baby. Now that you’re exercising regularly and you’re in a good routine, your body needs it’s sleep to refresh. You’re so much more restful than you used to be, sleeping feels easy. And somehow, so does waking up!

You get up and put the kettle on. You used to wonder how people had the time or the energy for mornings – now you’re looking forward to breakfast. Whilst you’re sipping your morning coffee,  you’re thinking about the day ahead. You think about heading to the gym, or perhaps going for run. You might hit that class you’ve been wanting to try out, or maybe do a quick workout at home. It’s a sunny day, so you might even take the workout outside and enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air. What does it feel like to want to move your body? To be aching to get out there and be active?

When you do step into the gym you don’t feel embarrassed or inexperienced like you once did. You know how your body works, and what you can do to get results. When you started out, the journey was about weight loss for you, but it has become so much more than that. Instead of feeling trapped by your body, you’re in awe of its capabilities. Now that you’ve gained control, you’re able to push yourself to limits you never even knew you had. You take a look in the mirror and the gym and you’re happy with the person staring back. You’re not scanning your body for your perceived flaws. You’re proud of your physical strength, and pleased with how you look and feel.

In the evening, you meet with some friends for dinner. You’re excited to spend time with the people you love and enjoy their company over shared food. You make your choice without counting up the amount of calories you’re about to consume, or scouring the menu for some indication of fat content, or weighing it up against how many sins you’ll have to confess to afterwards. Your food choices don’t come from a place of guilt. You pick what you want. You go for the dinner you know you’ll enjoy every mouth watering bite of. Because nowadays you’re equipped with the nutritional values of food. You eat a balanced and wide ranging diet of foods that are good for you, but also that you like. You’ve had a good substantial and healthy breakfast and lunch today, and you’re able to be flexible with your dinner and have a good time.

It feels good doesn’t it? To tuck into that pizza, and ‘cheers’ over a beer. Funny that you thought you’d be forced into plain chicken and steamed broccoli. This ‘diet thing’ has been a lot easier than you thought it would be. Because really, it isn’t a diet as you knew it to be at all. You still get to enjoy all of your favourite things, and you’ve tried plenty of new recipes too. This relationship with food feels wholesome and good.

At the end of the day, you think about how far you’ve come, and how you can’t imagine going back. Making that choice to improve your health didn’t turn out to be a short term weight loss solution. It ended up changing your life in more ways than you imagined. You’re more confident in your work life. You’re more energised daily. You actually enjoy your diet without restrictions. You’ve made new friendships in a community of like minded people. Your friends and family can see a difference in your happiness, in your body, in your mindset.

So what now?

This future doesn’t have to stay in your imagination. A happier healthier you doesn’t have to live in your brain. Thinking about the end goal is the first stepping stone.

Now, let’s take control and make it a reality.

In 12 months time, you can write your own version of this blog post specific to you. What might it say? The possibilities are endless.

Take the first step

Generally, the very first step is the most difficult – Not this time though. I’ve created a programme that can make your one year story become reality.

The ‘Take Control’ programme makes your journey easier and more achievable. The information you require is clearer and the support you need is provided from myself and other people completing the programme.

So add your name to the waiting list below and take the first step in taking control of your health and achieving your goals.

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