How to get fit at home

In a world where we have less time, getting fit at home is becoming more and more popular. This article will help you find out many benefits of getting fit at home and how to get fit at home. You will also find some useful and affordable equipment to be able to do this.

Benefits Of Getting Fit At Home

There are so many benefits of getting fit at home and you will be surprised with what you can achieve by exercising at home.

You Save So Much Time

Training at home is great as it allows you to save time due to the fact there is no travel time involved. You are already at home and you can get started achieving your fitness goals and then continue with your day. Taking out your travel time can save you a minimum of 30 minutes compared to your gym visit.

You Can Train In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

So many people feel intimidated when training in a gym or health club. If you train at home you can exercise however you want to, get sweaty and not care. You also don’t need to wait for equipment, and can watch the TV programmes you want to do. The dream of listening to your own music on full blast no matter how alternative your musical taste is, can only be a good thing too.

You Can Achieve So Many Goals

Everyone seems to think that following an exercise programme at home can restrict and limit your progress.  It is the complete opposite and can work on a variety of goals.

By training at home you can

  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Increase strength
  • Improve flexibility

It Is Practical

If you have a busy lifestyle involving long working hours, or a house full of your beloved children then home training is the one for you. It is extremely practical as you can fit your exercise sessions in and around your current commitments.

While the children are playing or doing their homework you can get a quick exercise session in. After you have prepped your food and thrown your marinated chicken and Mediterranean vegetable medley in the oven for 30 minutes, you can do a high intensity cardio workout or complete a weight session.

Sessions Can Be Varied

By training at home you can start to think outside the box and get creative. This will keep you interested in your workout sessions and prevent you from getting bored. The conventional way of exercising is over.

There are so many ways to vary your sessions. Follow youtube workouts, train outside, and use what you have at home in alternative ways.

You Won’t Forget Anything Ever Again

Training at home means that the days of forgetting your headphones are over. There is nothing worse than  having to do an exercise session without motivational music. Going to the gym and forgetting your towel after a big sweaty session will seem like a distant memory.

It just means that you won’t get stressed or annoyed with the fact that you have to listen to people grunting or get in the car and stick to the car seat. Surely getting rid of these annoying moments is a good thing.

Ways to get fit at home

I’ve kept these examples brief as I prefer each of my clients to discover a way to exercise that will work just for them. Below I have outlined a few ways to get fit at home. These options give you the perfect ways to begin getting fit at home.

Youtube workouts

Many people have smart TVs meaning that they can access youtube on their TV. Find a workout that suits, whether it be a high intensity cardio workout or a yoga class. You will feel as though you are receiving a personalised class as it is just you and the instructor. This way of training can be motivational for many and be a great alternative to exercise classes in gyms.

Use Your Garden

When the sun comes out it can be such a great feeling to just open up your patio doors and step outside in to the warm weather. You can complete your workouts by bringing the gym outside. If you have space then shuttle sprints can take place. You can also do static sessions using bodyweight exercises. If you have any equipment then this can be brought outside in to your private garden.

Use Those Stairs

Forget the stair master in the gym, most people live in a house that has stairs so use them. If you are looking to work those leg and bum muscles then walking or running up the stair is a great exercise that builds muscle and pushes you aerobically.

Running up the stairs one step at a time is great for those of you who are looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Walking up the stairs two steps at a time is ideal for those of you who are looking to strengthen the muscles in your lower body.

The Take Control Programme

The Take Control Programme involves an added cost however it is a great way to receive the guidance and support you need from a fitness expert (myself). I provide you with the structure needed to achieve your goals by using an online course to educate and guide you through a process.

You will discover a way to exercise at home that works just for you. I will provide you with exercise ideas for you to choose from and you will be able to plan a way to work out at home.

Equipment to help you get fit at home

Now that you’ve discovered potential ways for you to exercise, the final part of this article is to give you an idea of what equipment you could purchase. If you’re serious about exercising at home then investment in certain pieces of equipment is probably needed.


You can pick up a cheap pair of dumbbells and start working on toning your arms. An even better way of making sure you have relevant weight is to purchase a barbell set. Long term, the greatest value for money is a pair of adjustable dumbbells. You will only ever need one pair of dumbbells this way, so when you progress, you won’t have to go and buy another set that will work for a few weeks.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is an extremely affordable piece of equipment. Great for those of you who are going to follow yoga classes on youtube along with other activities such as core exercises, press ups, or meditation.

Battle Rope

A battle rope is a popular piece of kit at the moment and the reason why is because it is highly effective. A battle rope enables a full body workout at your home and there is so much you can do with it. For those of you looking to workout your whole body and improve your cardiovascular fitness then a battle rope is a good choice for your home workouts.


Kettlebells have been around for a while now and they are still sticking around. Why? Well they are an effective way to workout your whole body and they can be used as weights too. If you want to start including kettlebell swings in your workouts then purchase a kettlebell. You with have firm legs in no time at all.

Exercise Bench

An exercise bench that has multiple settings such as incline, decline, and flat enables you to complete a variety of workouts. Another great thing about an exercise bench is that it can be used as a step for your aerobic workouts too.

Overall thoughts

Overall, working at home is great. It’s practical, it is effective, and more importantly, you feel comfortable in this environment. If you don’t like the gym (like me), then working out at home is the perfect solution. Before you go rushing in and buying any equipment, make sure that this is going to be the place for your sessions. Start off working out using no equipment and then go from there.

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