How small changes create big results

If you’ve resolved to lose weight and get fit in 2019, it can feel like you have to make cataclysmic life changes in order to achieve big results. Not true. Small changes create big results.

Think about this

You’ll have seen it before – cast your mind back to your first day in your current job. Did you know what you were doing from the off, or did you take each day as it came, learning something new and growing your capability? Until one day you stopped worrying and realised you’re good at what you do?

Or how about when you had a baby? Babies don’t come with a manual, you (both) had to take time to figure out what was going on, baby steps, and look at you now – a natural.

So what is the common thread here? Simply this: breaking a problem down into bitesize, manageable chunks and tackling these small obstacles, one at a time, until you’ve defeated the gargantuan issue.

And that is how small changes create big results.

Where do you start?

So if you’ve committed to losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle this year, where do you start? Easy. You’ve already started. No, seriously, the first step was deciding to do it.

Now, disregard everything you think you know about weight loss:

  • You don’t need to starve yourself
  • Nor adopt any fad diets
  • Nor hit the gym seven days a week for hours on end

You’ll only do more harm than good and also, that lifestyle isn’t sustainable. Instead, choose to make one minor change weekly to progress towards your health and fitness targets.

The key is keep it simple and manageable, and that is just what I do here at Oliver James Coaching. I help you build a plan that works around you, so that it fits in with your current lifestyle. And we don’t move onto the next stage until we are certain each client has mastered every step.

So what changes could you make?

Small changes can be as simple as:

  • Eat more vegetables. Research has shown that if you eat more vegetables at each meal time and eat them before everything else on your plate, you will lose weight.
  • Eat less sugar. Cut back on the sweet stuff a little at a time: give your body a chance to adjust to lowering amounts of sugar rather than going cold turkey.
  • Resolve to get more sleep. Research shows that if you want to lose weight, get more sleep.

It really doesn’t matter how small the changes you make are, even a two percent improvement from one week to the next will soon add up to a significant positive change over the course of a year. So don’t look at the short term, think long term, think sustainable change and watch those big results come rolling in.

And if you need a helping hand, I work closely with each client to ensure they’re able to make the changes needed to help them achieve their goal. With Oliver James Coaching you’re never on your own.

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