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The Take Control Programme

A 12 week online health & nutrition programme created to help you take control of your health, your weight, and your future

Next programme begins Monday 9th September 2019

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The Take Control Programme

  • Simplifying the process
  • Making achieving your goals look clearer
  • Empowering you to be in control

How the programme helps you

My promise of the Take Control programme, is that it offers fantastic results to clients who complete it. The programme is designed to make your journey easier by taking you through a step by step process that gradually moves you closer towards achieving your goals. I've created a programme to help you take control of your health by educating you on everything. Including - Planning your journey, discovering how to create healthy habits, learning how to plan healthy meals, discovering a fun way to exercise, and finding your personal motivating factors.

What you will achieve by completing the programme

You will take control of your weight and create sustainable results - No more yo-yo dieting. You will feel more confident in your own ability, feel relaxed about your journey, and feel in control of your future. You will be more educated on how to control your weight and improve your health. The programme is designed to make sure that you never need to follow another programme ever again.

How the programme works

The programme is only open at certain times of the year. A new wave of clients enrol and begin working through the online programme. Once you're enrolled you will be sent your take control workbook and diary to help plan your journey and make the changes needed to achieve your goal. There are 12 key topics with one topic being released each week. This step by step process gradually moves you forward closer towards your goal. Even after you've completed the programme you will still remain part of the Oliver James Coaching family, to ensure you receive the help and support needed to continue moving forwards to achieving your goal.

Invest in yourself

The 'Take Control' programme starts at just £99. That's a one off payment that will truly change your life by providing you with the structure, knowledge, and support needed to achieve your goals. Even once you've completed the programme, you will still receive ongoing support from myself and the community. That's £99 to be able to take control of your health, ensure your goals can be achieved and be a part of a supportive community.

Success Stories

Take a look at what some of my clients have achieved by completing the online 12 week 'Take Control' programme

Helen's Story

I’ve lost a lot of weight - Just over 4 stone in 8 months. I’ve decreased my body fat percentage by 15%, lost 8.5 inches off my waist, and 7.5 inches around my hip. I also feel much more knowledgeable about weight loss and what to do to keep my weight under control.

I’ve stopped trying every fad diet or lifestyle plan I read about and stick with my simple approach. It is a lot less stressful and I am more relaxed about maintaining my weight now. I don’t worry about it as much.


Manchester, UK

Helen Before & After
Darren's Story

I’ve managed to lose 8 stone in 8 months. The Take Control Programme helped me understand where I was going wrong in the past and Oliver helped me make the changes needed to lose the weight and most importantly keep it off.

His step by step process has helped me be healthier, fitter, stronger, and more confident. I now believe in myself and know I can contact Oliver whenever I like for support and guidance, even now I've completed his Take Control Programme.


Manchester, UK

Structure Of The Programme

Take a look at how the online 12 week 'Take Control' programme is structured week by week.

Week 1 - Reflection
Learning comes not only from doing, but from thinking about what we do. The more you can learn from your previous actions, the easier it will be to succeed in the future. By reflecting on the past, you're able to take control.
Week 2 - The Plan
The plan is where you will find your deep motivations that will help you stay motivated. You will structure your journey in a way that makes achieving your goal look clearer and more achievable.
Week 3 - Implement Change
When you know where you are, where you want to go, and why you want it, there is only one thing left: How do you get there? This section helps you identify areas that could change to help you achieve your goal.
Week 4 - Getting Started
Getting started is where you will learn the basics of activity, exercise, and food. It's best to understand the basics and then progress from there. This way your journey isn't overwhelming.
Week 5 - Tracking Progress
Tracking progress in a variety of ways allows you to see and feel progress being made. This section will help you understand what and how to track progress. You will find that it's an essential part in achieving weight loss.
Week 6 - Food
For weight loss, food is so important. In this section you will be taught everything you need to know about the foods you eat. You will be shown a manageable way to alter your diet without drastic changes to your current eating habits.
Week 7 - Exercise
Although you may not like exercise, it's my job to help you discover a way of exercising that works for you and that you enjoy doing. You're more likely to stick to an exercise routine if you find it fun.
Week 8 - Meals
Week 8 helps you discover how to structure your meals including breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. By the end of this week you will feel more confident in what and how to eat.
Week 9 - Upgrade Your Exercise
This section shows you how to continue progressing with your exercise sessions. It helps you take your exercise routine up to the next level to allow the best results possible.
Week 10 - Sleep. Stress. Support
A section that is often overlooked. The importance of sleep and a strong support network should never be underestimated. Stress in a variety of ways can also dictate our decisions when eating.
Week 11 - Time For Review
It's important to look back at your journey and discover what has and hasn't worked for you. By understanding how to review progress, you become an expert of your own self.
Week 12 - Planning For The Future
The last week of the programme shows you how to plan for the future. It's here where you will be shown how to keep your journey going. This isn't the end - It's just the beginning.

Bonus Items

Take a look below at all of the bonus items you receive when signing up for the 'Take Control' programme.

12 new healthy recipes every month for FREE (£10 per month value)

Every month you will receive 12 healthy and flavoursome recipes to help you discover meals that you will enjoy eating and that will be beneficial for your health and your goals. Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring and these recipes will show you that. You will receive these recipes every month indefinitely.

Access to private Facebook group for FREE (£10 per month value)

The private Facebook group is one of the most powerful parts of signing up to the 'Take Control' programme. Here you will join a community of like minded people who aspire to achieve their goals and take control of their health. In this group you can interact with others and support each other on your journey. I will also be doing live Q&A's, posting workouts, and supporting you every step of the way. You will be a part of this community indefinitely.

Ongoing support from Oliver James for FREE (Priceless)

You will receive support from myself throughout the programme. Even after you've finished the programme, you will still be able to ask questions and receive any help and support your require. I want you to succeed and want you to know that I'm with you every step of the way.

You will be sent a workbook and food diary for FREE (£20 value)

Even though it's an online programme, you can't beat having a physical workbook and food diary to complete the programme. These two items will prove valuable in helping you take control of your health. It's crazy how writing down your answers holds you more accountable. Once signed up, I'll put them in the post.

Exercise workout videos

It can be difficult to come up with workout ideas. Luckily for you, I've been a home personal trainer for over 10 years. You will receive regular workout videos for you to try at home. This takes the stress away from your workout routines.

Make sure you don't miss out on the next programme. 09.09.19

Before you sign up

I will do everything I possibly can to ensure you WILL achieve your goals

The programme is a structure that every person needs to succeed in taking control of their weight, health, and future. I coach each client as an individual to ensure they are on the right path to succeed on their own journey.

I can't wait to begin working with you

I love my job and I love helping each client succeed. I feel honoured to be a part of each clients journey, supporting them every step of the way. I enjoy seeing each client transform in to the person they've always wished to be. I can't wait to begin working with you!

Choose Your Plan

The next programme begins on Monday 9th September 2019. Take a look below at the payment options.

The Guide

£ 99
One-Off Payment
  • Access to the Take Control Programme
  • Other payment plans available

The Coach

£ 249
One-Off Payment
  • Plus 6 coaching calls with Oliver
  • Other payment plans available

The Mentor

£ 399
One-Off Payment
  • Plus 12 coaching calls with Oliver
  • Other payment plans available

Got any questions?

If you have any questions for me with regards to the Take Control Programme then click the link below and get in touch. I want you to be completely satisfied with how the programme works and how you will benefit from completing it.

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