Sometimes we need a more hands on approach. This is where one-on-one online coaching comes in.

Here at Oliver James Coaching I offer a holistic approach to your overall lifestyle. Nutrition is a key component interconnected with exercise, activity, lifestyle, and sleep.

Each area is just as important as the other when it comes to getting results. I combine nutritional advice with cognitive behavioural techniques to ensure that you learn the essentials of good nutrition, and also make changes to your relationship with food.

I enable you to incorporate change within your existing lifestyle rather than trying to force you to make changes that are difficult to maintain because they aren’t for you.

I have three main objectives when working with you.

#1 Help you make positive changes

#2 Improve your knowledge of nutrition

#3 Help you take meaningful action in your own life

There’s a lot more to exercise & nutrition coaching than making meal plans or portioning out calories and counting your macros. In fact, I disagree with this method so much that it isn’t really included.

What is online coaching?

Coaching has very little to do with actual exercises or foods. The reason why you are struggling with your goals is because of your mentality, lifestyle, and environment, along with various other factors that shape your exercise and eating habits.

Here at Oliver James Coaching there are no rules, no formulas, or secrets. I base my coaching on general principles which are tailored to your specific wants and needs. I facilitate and support positive change, guiding you towards doing something different and more beneficial than your current lifestyle and food intake. I am not a dictator telling you what to do or how to live your life. Consider me as a guide, a facilitator, or a mentor, working with you to help you move forward to achieving your goals.

I work one on one with my clients as a team, working together to discover how to advance or improve your current lifestyle or performance. Along your journey we will look at how you think, how you feel, how you live, and why you act the way that you do. Analysing the past to improve the future.

Each person comes with different life experiences, needs and wants, personalities, and different attitudes to change and trying new things. This is why I treat individuals as exactly that.

I recommend that you do a minimum of 12 weeks working with me. This will allow you to learn new information, absorb this new found knowledge, assess changes over time, and ensure that the changes you make are changes that you will maintain.

How are the coaching sessions delivered?

The beauty of one on one online coaching is that they can be done from literally anywhere in the world.

Your coaching sessions take place via video calls. This allows us to discuss your journey face to face. Each session is 30 minutes.  

You will also be given my personal phone number for when you have any issues/queries throughout the week.

How much does one on one coaching cost?

Consider one on one coaching as an investment – An investment in yourself. This is the most important and beneficial investment you can make. Forget possessions, invest in you, your body, and your future.

Online coaching is the future and your future will be bright once you complete your first cycle of online coaching.

I offer three different packages which are detailed below. Some clients require a kickstart and decide that 3 months worth of coaching is sufficient, others see their journey as long term and wish to commit to 12 months.

Whatever your time scale, I have the package for you below.

3 Months – £35 per week 

6 Months – £30 per week 

12 Months – £25 per week 

Each package is committed for that particular duration. You’re unable to cancel your subscription once you commit to your chosen package.

Why is that?

Well for this to work, I need commitment. It is too easy to give up and it’s my job to prevent you from failing. We only focus on winning and achieving. Positivity instead of negativity. Enhance not retreat.

I believe in you, but first you must believe in yourself!

How do I get started?

It’s pretty easy to get started but first I like to gather some basic information from you to discover whether we would be a perfect match.

I’m also restricted to working with a certain number of clients at any one time.

Below is a start up form. If you wish to get started on your journey to achieving your goals then simply fill out and submit the form below.

I will then review the information and get back to you within 24 hours.

Fill out the start up form

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