5 most frequently asked questions about online coaching

Any personal trainer, fitness expert or nutrition coach will know that in order for people to invest in coaching, they have to want to make a change. But you might be so ready to start your fitness journey, or amp it up to the next level, and still have these niggling hesitations and head-scratching confusions about which route to take.

Online coaching has become really popular, but there’s still a lot of questions flying around. Common questions asking what it actually entails and whether it’s an option worth putting your money into.

I’ve answered the top 5 questions I get asked the most. I want you to feel both equipped to make the decision, and equipped with justifiable answers when your partner notices there’s a bill for Oliver James Coaching on the joint account.

How does online coaching actually work?

So, let’s start with the basics. When you work with me, before you go away and start making changes to your exercise routine or food habits, together we’ll work on more important topics. I will help you identify your frustrations, barriers, and confusions, that are preventing you from taking control. I help you find your desires, needs, and hunger for achieving good health. Once the path to good health is clearer, we will focus on how to make the changes needed to take control of your health.

The next step is to guide you through a process that educates you on exercise, activity, and food. Here you’ll find information that simplifies these topics, which helps in a world of information overload. Once you understand whats needed to create and maintain good health, it’s then time to focus on ways to apply this knowledge. The beauty of the ‘Take Control’ programme is that you’re not just clicking ‘purchase’ and being left to your own devices.

Instead, you’re entering into a community. You’ll join a private Facebook group, made up of clients at various stages of their fitness journey, all experiencing the changes with you. This is your tribe of supporters and cheerleaders, sharing their journey with you; and you with them. Here you’ll find workouts, recipes, and we will all hold each other accountable.

Isn’t it more effective to be in the gym together?

Not necessarily. I’ve worked as a personal trainer with clients in gyms, and I switched to online training because I felt that 1 hour a week wasn’t enough time to deliver the support and information needed to coach each client.

Having an online coach is like having an expert at your fingertips at all times – you get the advice on exercise, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle in the freedom of your own time, with community support 24/7.

A major factor here too is flexibility (the time kind, not the bendy yoga kind). We’re all so busy these days, it can be hard to pick a day and stick to it each week – and to ensure you’re always on time.

With my programme, there’s no set plan. I work around you and your lifestyle, so you won’t need to panic about cancelling and rescheduling a session when you have a poorly child, a delayed train, an overrun meeting, or a late night…

Can’t I just google all the stuff?

Now, no one can deny that google is a revolutionary tool. It has changed the way we think. Broadened our minds. Given us access to knowledge we would have had to study an encyclopedia for historically. What it’s also given us is a lot of B.S.

Nowadays, there is so much information at the click of a button, that it’s hard to tell the experts from the blaggers, the real story from the fake news, the good deal from the great marketing. You can use google and YouTube to give you examples of exercises, but do you trust that the person who is educating you is actually doing it right?

What googling doesn’t do is ensure that you’re getting coaching that focuses on you, you desires, your body, your barriers, and your capabilities. That’s the best route to result.

I think the importance should be placed on giving you the correct structure. To help you understand what will work for you. My programme simplifies the whirlwind of information out there, and hones in on the quality of relevant advice, not on quantity.

Is it going to cost me loads?

All of the above sounds pretty great doesn’t it? At this point I’m asked the inevitable question – ‘how much of a hole in my pocket is this going to burn?’. I could start with the argument that any investment in your health is a worthwhile investment, however, I know that still won’t convince you.

Coaching of any kind is still considered a luxury. But the selling point of online coaching is the cost, and what you get for it.  It’s affordable for many, expert training is accessible at any time, and it’s a longer programme that you can do at your own pace. You’re investing in a lifelong membership to a community that provides support and motivation at a one off cost (£250 if you join the presale list here).

But i’ve never done a sit up in my life..is this for me?

Finally, I think a common misconception in all kinds of training and coaching is that it is expressly reserved for those who already have a solid fitness foundation, or are athletes or celebrities. The ‘Take Control’ programme at Oliver James Coaching is accessible to all (yep – even you). Everyone is welcome, all levels, shapes and sizes, whether you’ve stepped in a gym before or not (I hate gyms).

I created the programme because I wanted to help those who are fed up of trying and not succeeding. Those who have tried the various diets, and are still feeling lost (and hungry).

If you have specific requirements, and you’re still thinking ‘but.. but… but’, then put your mind at ease by simply asking. There are no stupid questions*. Let’s have a chat and see what we can do to improve your health and happiness going forward (ask here).

If you were already screaming YES PLEASE by point two, then enter your email address to get your place of the presale list and get the ball rolling.

*I’m going to regret that.

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