Dieting tips for weight loss

Your road to losing weight can be extremely difficult. By following these weight loss tips, you should be one step closer to achieving your weight loss goals.

Don’t call it a diet

By calling it a diet you’re putting pressure on yourself to stick to something. For some, this can work short term, however you will fall off the wagon at some point.

I have only used the word diet as that’s what we all call healthy eating. Some people look at my mealsĀ and ask me why I’m on a diet. I’m not on a diet, I’m just eating healthy and nutritious foods.

You should be making improvements to your future lifestyle instead of focussing on short term fad diets. Your objective is to create sustainable results and the best way to do this is by focussing on gradually moving forwards rather than back and forth.

The ‘Take Control’ programme focusses on including the foods you should be eating. If you can alter your food choices to ‘healthier’ ones then the weight will come off. There is still some room for a drink or a few treats too (you’ve got to enjoy yourself too).

Drink water

Our body is a complicated machine and does so many amazing things. It helps you breathe, know when you’re hungry, and tells you when you’re tired; even though you ignore it and stay up to watch another episode of your favourite program. One thing that for some reason your body is missing, is the ability to let you know you are thirsty (apart from a dry mouth when you’re severely dehydrated).

As the body does not send you this notification, it sends you the closest one to it, the notification of hunger. This can be a big problem and a potential reason why you find yourself grazing or snacking when you actually aren’t hungry.

By making sure you drink water regularly throughout the day, you should find that you won’t be craving food or snacking as much.

Don’t avoid food groups

A big mistake when it comes to dieting is that people or popular weight loss methods cut out food groups. No matter how popular these people are, I urge you to ignore them!

They may be on TV but sometimes you have to tell people a few lies to sell your products. Everyone wants a quick fix and an easy way to do it. This is why the fad diets are so popular.

The problem is that these are damaging for your body. You will put the weight straight back on, plus more when you finish the diet. Not to mention the fact that these diets are preventing your body from receiving essential nutrients for good health. You should always think, ‘is this beneficial for my body’, not just your waistline.

Quick fixes bring short term satisfaction but long term discontent.

The ‘Take Control’ programme focusses on helping you achieve your weight loss goals, but in a way that is beneficial for your health, your energy levels, and for the rest of your life.

Stay motivated

Motivation is key to losing weight when following a diet. Temptation is all around you and it can be challenging to stick to your diet.

Without motivation you will ‘cookie crumble’ and give in to these foods. A strong motivated mindset will say no and keep you on track to finishing what you started.

You can do this, you don’t need that junk food. It will be worth it when you next step on the scales, or go shopping for clothes.

An idea or a plan is pointless if the execution is poor. No food plan will be successful if you fall at each hurdle. The greater the execution the greater your results will be. Losing weight is all about you and what you can do to achieve the end product – weight loss.

The ‘Take Control’ programme is designed to help you discover your deep motivations. It’s these deeper motivations that will help you stay motivated throughout your whole journey, not just the beginning.

Feel good

Check yourself out in the mirror, do a little dance, celebrate your progress so far. Achieving anything in life will make you feel good and weight loss is the same.

Nutritious foods and exercise will also make you feel good. Healthy foods will supply you with energy, make you feel slimmer, and mentally make yourself feel positive.

The best way to feel good mentally is by achieving small wins on a regular basis. Focus on improving slightly each week and achieving something no matter how big or small it is – celebrate it!

Speak about stresses and problems

We have an emotional connection to food and it can be a big problem. Whether you’re having a bad day, had an argument, feel upset, or there is something playing on your mind; food is comforting.

It’s best to speak about your stresses or problems. This will prevent you from emotional eating for short term comfort. By doing so, you will be able to stay on the right path to achieving your weight loss goals as your diet will not be affected.

Look forward to your exercise sessions

I know this is dieting tips for weight loss however if you look forward to your exercise sessions you’ll be more motivated to eating healthy that day. This means that you will be sticking to your diet and improving your fitness at the same time.

I always recommend exercising along with dieting as it improves your results, changes your body shape and makes you feel good. By linking dieting to exercise you’re more likely to stick to your diet and achieve greater results. This is why it’s a diet tip.

If you don’t like traditional ways of exercising then find something that you will enjoy doing. This could be walking, dancing, or trying a sporting activity with your friend. It just needs to be something that gets your heart rate up. The key to a long term exercise plan is to find something you enjoy doing.

The ‘Take Control’ programme will help you discover a way to exercise that you will enjoy doing. There are no generic exercise plans here. It’s all about finding something thats going to work for you.

Think of other benefits than weight loss

A lot of people diet because they want to lose weight. Like I said before dieting the correct way is basically healthy eating or consuming a balanced diet.

It’s good to know other benefits that the body receives by following a healthy diet. This is because you’re more likely to stick to a food plan if you know all of the things it brings to the table.

By understanding how the body works and the health benefits of following a balanced diet, you’ll feel even better knowing that your body is benefitting, as well as what the scales say and how you look in the mirror.

The ‘Take Control’ programme helps educate you on the benefits of exercise and also the benefits of each key food group. Everything looks clearer when you know why you’re doing it a certain way.

Get a support structure

Nobody has time for negativity when you’re on the road to self improvement. It’s best to make sure that the people you spend time with are going to be supporting you every step of the way rather than preventing you from achieving your goal.

I personally find it crazy how close friends and family don’t support loved ones when they are working to improving themselves. Many people get jealous and want to infiltrate your progress; don’t let that happen!

Make sure that you are receiving the support you need as dieting and losing weight can be full of ups and downs. With the correct support structure you should find that there are more ups than downs. Get your close ones involved and feeling positive.

Your health and your diet should be the priority. After all you started this journey for a reason and you should make sure nothing gets in your way.

Part of signing up to the ‘Take Control’ programme is the invitation to be part of a supportive community made up of like minded people. Here we help and support each other to ensure everyone involved achieves their goals.

We are a team and together we will all succeed.

If at first you don’t succeed try and try again

Just because you left the road to your weight loss goals and followed the road to weight gain, it doesn’t mean that you can’t turn around and get back on the right road.

A road is full of roundabouts that you can use to turn around and get back on the correct road. Failing or ‘falling off the wagon’ is fine as long as you learn or understand where you went wrong.

If you understand where you went wrong and learn from your previous experiences then you will be better equipped to achieving your weight loss goals. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s all about learning from them to make sure you’re not a repeat offender.

The first part of the ‘Take Control’ programme is all about reflection. This chapter helps you identify where you’ve gone wrong in the past and helps you discover how you can learn from this to improve in the future.

Follow these diet tips and you will be able to achieve your weight loss goals. It is a challenging world out there and many obstacles will be put in front of you. By reading these dieting tips you should be better equipped to get out there and achieve your dreams.

Achieve your weight loss goal today

The ‘Take Control’ programme helps you achieve your goals by providing you with everything you need to succeed. By the end of the programme you will feel like your in the fast lane to achieving your goal and taking control of your health.

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